Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Class T-shirt


The first t-shirt above has been design by faris who is a student from
Sek. Men. Keb Sri Skudai and the second design has been design by
Apis Ahmad from Sek. Men. Keb. Tmn. Universiti. Both of the are
very talented designer. We hope that they satisfy with the t-shirt
that has been produce. Thank you for all, especially Mahadhir and
Faris for being a great customer to us. Thank you!!
-shirt produce by,
Stooky Design


chaos said...

elo.sayep dri comunity chaoz.wanna make tee.but need stooky to print our tee.can.?

Stooky Design & Enterprise said...

xda masalah...duduk JB kan?bleh ja dtg opis...tapi msg atau inform dlu..kot kat luar opis ka...kalo rasa jauh nak dtg blh wat appointment kat luar...pon xda hal..huhu

Anonymous said...

abg sham. fika ni. ur czen.
cantik lol dorg design.
bape harge kalu design camni abg sham?