Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wedding Bunting and Banner


Collection of wedding bunting and banner that we done since we operate in
14 of April 2008. So...what you all think..if you got some opinion or suggestion
, don't hesitate to comment on our blog..This the price..For wedding bunting,
we charge RM70 for two pieces include design (2' x 5'). For wedding banner,
we charge rm3 per feet...include design...for example you banner size is 6'x3'
the price is RM54...DISCOUNT??....don't worry..if you takes our packages
include wedding card, bunting or banner, paper bag, thank you TAG and also
signage...they will be a better price and discount for you...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RC Bakery


At RC Bakery, their commitment is to bake deliciously homemade cakes for your birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary and any other occasions.

Delicious, competitive price and halal are our guarantee.

Cakes Product includes: Chocolate Moist, Marble, Orange, Banana, Gula Hangus, Swiss Roll, Carrot, Butter, Steam Fruit Cake (Kek Kukus), Suji, Cheese, Sweet and Sour Cake, Sponge and Cup Cakes.

All cakes come in many different sizes and weights - 300, 500, 750grams, 1kg, 1.5kg or 2 kg.

We also sell delicious, crunchy and competitively priced festival biscuits like mama carries, pineapple tat, bangkit to name a few.

You can also find us at Pasar Tani Pasir Gudang (every Saturday 7-10am), Bandar Baru Seri Alam (every Wednesday 5-9pm), Bandar Baru Uda (every Sunday 7-11am) and Larkin (Saturday, fortnightly 7-11am).

Delivery can be arranged.

Please Contact Puan Raha Alwee

Monday, November 10, 2008

civil 08 (engineering club, Sek. Men. Teknik JB)


Last minute order by Nazim for his civil club in smt JB...but we eager to finish it
on takes 2 days for us to prepared and print out 58pcs of t-shirt and
delivered it to Nazim door house at Tmn Sri Putri..I hope Nazim and his friends
satisfied with our job...need to hear from you all about the t-shirt..any comments
or something because we in the hurry to close this job...maybe got some mistake
or something...anyway Nazim and MATAHARI boys..hope to see you on the next
project...thanks for your cooperation...bubye!!!

T-shirt produce by,
Stooky Design