Monday, November 10, 2008

civil 08 (engineering club, Sek. Men. Teknik JB)


Last minute order by Nazim for his civil club in smt JB...but we eager to finish it
on takes 2 days for us to prepared and print out 58pcs of t-shirt and
delivered it to Nazim door house at Tmn Sri Putri..I hope Nazim and his friends
satisfied with our job...need to hear from you all about the t-shirt..any comments
or something because we in the hurry to close this job...maybe got some mistake
or something...anyway Nazim and MATAHARI boys..hope to see you on the next
project...thanks for your cooperation...bubye!!!

T-shirt produce by,
Stooky Design


NSMF said...

may i know, do u print using DTG printer or manually or else?

could u upload a pic of the fin product(pic of the shirt), if its not a trouble for u :)

Stooky Design & Enterprise said...

sorry b'cos i did not saw ur comment earlier...i did not use dtg...manually print using silk screen method...okay...i will upload a pic one of my final product..TQ!

NSMF said...

nvm, im just curious thats all

how many ppl working on that order? 58pcs in 2 days?that is fast hehe

thanks for replying & reminding me of ur reply :D

Stooky Design & Enterprise said...

just two person involve in the partner(my gf and the one who print the shirt) and is not two days actually...of course we eat....sleep..and do other work as u see we did not do just printing t-shirt...but my main focus is on silk screen...of course we are new in this biz.about just to reach 2 years...1 year in freelance...and 8 months we open open biz..

NSMF said...

nice design, good service hehe...i always underestimated malaysian & myself, but now...i see another side of malaysia youth, blog walking is a good hobby :)...all the best to ur biz!

Anonymous said...

berapa harga sehelai ni?

Stooky Design & Enterprise said...

harga minta maaf...tak dpt bg tahu sbb privasi antara stooky dan pelanggan..

white_fang said...

hai to the one who made this t shirt...can i use ur design for our surveying tour??