Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Save Our Palestinian Children!! T-shirt han been release

Assalamualaikum. Here are the sneak peek of the Save Our Palestinian Children
T-shirt. The t-shirt is out now for sale for RM30/pc. If you buy the t-shirt from
us by hand, RM10 will be donate to MERCY Malaysia for Palestine Relief Fund.
If we had to pos to you by pos express (for example), RM6 will be donate to
MERCY. OK....the only colour that we produce is WHITE and the size range is
from XS - 3XL. Sorry, we can't sold this t-shirt more than 3XL size because this
is a limited edition t-shirt. The t-shirt that we use is Oren Sport Round Neck
Short Sleeve White (high grade) t-shirt. I know some of you has use this kind of
t-shirt. That's all for now. DO email, call, sms, or anything if you want this t-shirt.
Our contact number are in the right side of the blog. Thank you..


ezan said...


Stooky Design & Enterprise said...

thank you ezan

Siti Zahrah said...

i think this shirt is brilliant..for one thing it lets ignorant like me know what brand to be wary off..and if sum1 like me walk on the street wearing this shirt..not only will i contribute 10/6 myr to the palestine but the shirt alone will remind the unreminded and will awaken those who are sleeping or plain ignorant..so there you have it..still got left...??bb

Anonymous said...

This is my desktop Background now!