Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sek. Men. Teknik Johor Bahru & Sek. Men. Teknik Perdagangan Johor Bahru

Hi..we meet again. Today we want to present you our end product for
TiJB or Sekolah Menengah Teknik Johor Bahru and also Sekolah
Menengah Teknik Perdagangan Johor Bahri or TCS JB. Some of the
t-shirts we already post in the last posting. We want to say thank
you to Nazim and the gang, for the project that they did with us. Even
though there is some obstacle, but it just give us more experience
and make us even closer. GOOD LUCK for upcoming SPM. We hope
you all success. To Mahadhir, hope we will cooperate again
for the next project. It has been 6 project ( i think) that you done with
us. Thank you and looking forward for next year school term.


Stooky Design & Enterprise said...

I'm sorry because my posting did not mention sekola menengah teknik perdagangan johor bahru...i just got the information that TCS JB is sek. men. teknik perdagangan johor customer did not tell me that i'm so sorry for those who I had hurt maybe because of this posting..stay cool..and selamat beramal!!!

alynn eyoe said...

s0 gud lar...i wanna one couple tshirt can ka?? how much it will take ar?