Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Birth of Twenty Five Degree!!


Yeahhh!! The birth of TwentyFiveDegree really make us proud of you guys.
We hope 25 Degree Crew will always success to all of their projects. Ok...for
your information, Twenty Five Degree is a local clothing brand that have a
creative design and got their own identity. Not only t-shirt, they also
produce button badges and sticker (stickon-u indie type). For more info,
you can visit their myspace at

You can see their t-shirt design on myspace...ok...below i put some picture
that i took in the making of twentyfivedegree t-shirt...hehe..

The great day when we print their t-shirt....what a beautiful cloud..huhu..the
first t-shirt they call it "ROUGH" (the green above) the price only RM25..

The pink "thing" over there is a block for their second t-shirt that they call it
"marang kerapu kepunden marang skeper!" is a shame when Malay
or Jawa people did know that sentence...eventhough you did not know the
meaning, but i bet you seeing Tan Sri P.Ramlee movie..

The price of this second t-shirt is RM28 I think..(confirm it with 25 degree crew)

The little robot up there is their third t-shirt. The name of this t-shirt is

That's the final product for "Heterogenious!!!"...The price is RM28..ok...where
to buy their product? can contact them via that i put above can call Alfatah (017-755 7370)...Dinie (017-737 1541)...other than that you
can visit My Tees Kiosk Danga Bay JB (at Festive Street Mall Danga Bay)..if the
stock still in the kiosk

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