Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Final Product For Civil Club 08 SMTJB T-shirt (request from NSMF)


Has been more than one month i did not do any posting in my blog..maybe
i have being a little bit lazy in December..but this month..for my new year
"azam" (can't remember what is azam in English)...i will be all out this year
OK..cut the crap out...this is the request from NSMF ...this is the final result
...and i will post more the end product picture because there are still many
picture that i took using my girlfriend's young brother camera that i did not
post..hope to get some respond from all of you..keep supporting our local
brand and art..thank you NSMF because your comment make my spirit too
blogging "meningkat" (again i forgot English word for "meningkat"..haha)
forgive me for the grammar, verb, and spelling mistake..bubye..


NSMF said...

- forgiven

- even the fine detail on the word CIVIL are printed..whoa, u lot r good!

Stooky Design & Enterprise said...

i hope you satisfied with the post..huhu..sorry i did not take the whole t-shirt...