Wednesday, April 1, 2009


First af all ASSALAMUALAIKUM to my fellow Muslim and great day to the
other. I hope this month will give all of us more opportunity to survive through
out this year that we all known the world have been in economic crisis.

The t-shirt design that I post today we have printed several month ago. Why
I just post it today? There's no reason. But a week ago, I have been in JB Rock
FEST 2009 at City Plaza JB
for the gig and I found group of kids
who wear this t-shirt. I feel so proud to see the t-shirt still in a good condition.

Market by:
Double Value Enterprise
Hp : 012-774 1582 (lukman hakim)
012-775 3103 (m. fadzir)

Design & printed by:
Stooky Design

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