Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautifool Phenomena

Hello, today I want to introduce to you one of the band that we print their t-shirt. All the info
are below and the link to Beautifool Phenomena myspace page is at the title above

Beautifool Phenomena was formed around 2008. We're always talking about music & bands while we chill out together but we never realize that we gonna form BP back. After struggling the several issues, BP had a jamm session for the first time. Line up goes to epi on 2nd guitar, kie on 1st guitar, amir on vox, jiji (Prognosis:DEATH!) on drums & ijam (Black Days) on bass Now, we're planning to record our songs & release our first demo soon.
Thanks to the friends & supporter. Keep music alive!!

Market by:

Double Value Enterprise
Hp : 012-774 1582 (lukman hakim)
012-775 3103 (m. fadzir)

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Stooky Design

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